My Goodbye

cooltext188241459213167 (1) Hallo ich bin Jeff vie gehts. During this year I learned a lot while blogging.One of those things was that in blogging you can`t wright what ever you want because it might have an effect younger readers.But what I really liked about this blogging year was all the positif comments and all the stuff I learned with Miss.T.What I didn’t like well there wasn’t much but the thing I probably hated the most was when I wasn’t blogging because I felt like I let you guys down.

This year I find that in the whole year I have really got my voice to stand out more then the beginning my very first post which will have a link  at the end [FIRST POST]. An other thing i am very proud of this year is the quality of my posts i find it has really improved during the year and I am really proud of that. I find that because I find that in my posts I have a lot more enriched words and I am proud of that also . Wow I just remembered if you have been reading my blog since day 1 and have read  every post you have read 39 posts including this one.At the beginning of the year my typing skills were not very good but now to my opinion I have become one of the best typers in the class.

The first one that first widget that I put on my blog tought me a lot because from that day I was able to put anything on my blog well of course that I was a loud  to. So really what I’m trying to say here is that at the beginning of the year I wasn’t very techy but as the year went on I evolved in my tech skills.An other thing that I love that if you didn’t  try you need to is hour of code it helps people who have a limited amount of tech skills could try it or scratch. An other thing that I am proud of are my comments and the comments that I have received from fellow bloggers because it both encouraged me and gave me good advice that I can you for my following post.A thing  that I find Miss.T was brilliant with is making us anonymous because we don’t want people to know who we are.

My ideal blog would probably be a blog that I can talk about sports and all sorts of stuff that I may have done on a certain day because it would show people more stuff around thew world and maybe they would like to go because they saw a picture and it looked fun to go with a family.

So for the last time GOOD BYE and I wish you the best of luck grade 5 when you are in grade 6. P.s the first sentence means hello my name is Jeff how are you doing.

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Old Style

201504140553068ecabbc63b2d5dd98d32e28e65d59b5a_logoHave you played old board games with your family and friends? Well I have.

These games are non-other than games I play when it’s rainy outside or it’s family game night which we don’t have.  One of the games I will be talking about is clue I’m sure everyone has played it but I have the older version and it looks a lot older then the new one. Well today you will know what board games I play. Comment below what board games you play with your family and friends so let’s get right to it.

The first game I’m going to talk about is Clue a classical mystery board game that you need to find who the killer is between the characters. Usually I play this Continue reading

Do You Really Know What It Is

Success a word used in many different ways in life, work even your decisions in life. A lot of people say they are successful in many different ways like in sports school and many more. And I am going to talk about that.

First the work part of it. You get a good job have a good co-worker that you communicate well with and people who respect you at your work. In other people’s minds the work success is a job that gets you a good pay that can help you pay for your family. Now the success in life to me it’s reaching your goals and accomplishing them. What that does is it makes you have reached your goals. Another success is the physical [sport] one because you work hard when you are young then you get to the big leags. Like all the pro hockey players they work hard there whole life and it turns to success when there older. To my opinion another success is family wise because you can have success by being loved and having people to be with you when times are hard. To be clear when I’m older to be successful to me is to pass university and all of the schools I go to.

  Continue reading

I`m So High

MIC5663Where have I been you ask? I’ve only been hanging around at Canyon Escalade in La Prairie Quebec. It’s a brand new climbing facility with many huge climbing walls that also has one of the highest climbing walls in Canada 3rd highest. And today I’m here to talk about this awesome climbing facility.

Not only this place is awesome but you can be alone with you friends until someone wants to come down. At Canyon they teach you how to hold the rope that attaches the person so how to control the rope.On each climbing wall you can choose a different rout color based on the difficulty and the hardest one there was 5.12 which was Continue reading

We Are Not The Only Ones On This Planet

13931477652ibyxToday we are going to talk about the most important thing in the world nature well to me that is. Nature gives us fresh air from the trees and beauty from the flowers and animals. Sadly all this nature is slowly dying from polluting and there losing their beautiful habitats because we are building buildings over their habitats so they start to live in pollution and get diseases. Like in the North polar bears ice and land which is ice also mostly snow and ice so they need to swim miles to find land. And because of polluting and destruction of habitats we are destroying some of the most beautiful places in the world like rain forest and normal forests with animals in extinction and its really bad. Continue reading