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201504140553068ecabbc63b2d5dd98d32e28e65d59b5a_logoHave you played old board games with your family and friends? Well I have.

These games are non-other than games I play when it’s rainy outside or it’s family game night which we don’t have.  One of the games I will be talking about is clue I’m sure everyone has played it but I have the older version and it looks a lot older then the new one. Well today you will know what board games I play. Comment below what board games you play with your family and friends so let’s get right to it.

The first game I’m going to talk about is Clue a classical mystery board game that you need to find who the killer is between the characters. Usually I play this game with may family when its raining and we have nothing to do. interesting fact this game was invented in 1904 which is obviously a long time ago. This second game is monopoly which most of you should know what it is a game where you want to buy some cities and plus they have a lot more kinds. Did you know that this game was actually copy write because the real creator didn’t put the thing that nobody can copy-write. But the real creator made it out of card board so it wasn’t a super good quality. This third game is non-other than Mexican Train a game that you need to get rid of all your dominos that you get but if you can’t play you need to pick more. But I can’t explain this game so go get the game or look it up.

So you need to play these games if you haven’t especially Mexican Train so at the end of the day all of these games are great and you need to try them soon if you haven’t because they are awesome and fun to play with your family.

Image source:http://appzuma.com/app/mexican-train-dominoes-free


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